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Flat roofs for commercial properties

You will find a flat roof on many commercial buildings. Such as schools, garages, hospitals, leisure centres, warehouses, hospitals and factories.

Benefits of flat roofs for commercial buildings

Commercial businesses usually need to maximise their internal space and be as energy efficient as possible. Suitable protection and insulation from extreme elements is essential.

When considering what type of roof should be installed on a commercial building, several factors should be considered. One of the most important ones being budget.

In the past the main option available was felt. This tends to blister in hot weather and can become brittle. This damage results in pooling, moss and algae growth. Movement within the felt framework then places stress on vulnerable points and leads to the ultimate failure of the roof.

Luckily, modern flat roofs are the total opposite. With a range of products available, for example, GRP Fibre Glass, EPDM Rubber and LIQUIFLEX PRO. All being maintenance free, 100% resistant to rain, weathering and UV rays, durable and long lasting. The team at Chris Mcleod Bespoke Roofing Services can advise you of the best match for your individual requirements when we conduct our initial survey.

With decades of experience in installing flat roofs on commercial buildings across North Lancashire and South Cumbria, our team can offer professional advice regarding the subject.


Advantages of flat roofs for commercial buildings include:

Maintenance: Costly repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance. Flat roofs only have a slight pitch, which makes it easy to access the roof to carry out maintenance or repairs.

Energy efficiency: Modern flat roofs are manufactured using the highest quality thermally efficient materials, which prevent heat loss through the roof. This results in a warmer property during the winter and a cooler building in the summer.

Rapid installation: Due to its exceptional performance against the elements, a flat roof can quickly be installed on a commercial property. Meaning that businesses will not lose money due to down-time or closure during works.

Cost: Any roof will be an investment. By choosing a high quality, energy efficient flat roof that will stand the test of time, your investment will be well worth the initial outlay.


Want to know more?

If these benefits appeal to you, Chris Mcleod and his team are specialists in the installation of commercial and domestic flat roofing systems across North Lancashire and South Cumbria

Please get in touch with us today.

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