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Flat Roof Maintenance

As a homebuyer you may be reluctant to purchase a property that has a flat roof on a garage, extension, porch, balcony or more. This may be because of the maintenance issues. However, if the roof has been properly maintained then you do not need to be nervous about buying the property.

It is important to ask the seller whether they have maintained their flat roof. A roof survey will highlight any potential issues that the roof may have. A roof survey is essential, especially  if the surveyor raises any expensive repair issues.

Insurance for a property with a flat roof

You may find that many home insurance firms will be reluctant to insure a property that has a flat roof over worries about the ongoing necessary maintenance. Also, whether the previous owners have left behind a problem because they failed to maintain their flat roof properly.

Do Flat Roofs Have a Long Lifespan

Flat roofs can have a long lifespan, but they need to be correctly maintained to do so. They tend to be made from GRP fiberglass, EPDM rubber proofing or a liquid sealant such as Liquiflex-Pro. These modern materials are durable, tough and long lasting and can last for many years if installed correctly and maintained regularly.

Essential Maintenance for Flat Roofs

Regular maintenance is crucial for a healthy roof.  Maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis, at least twice a year, in autumn and in spring. We also advise an inspection following any heavy weather conditions.

During Bad Weather

You should always check for any damage to your flat roof after severe weather, such as high winds. Snow can also cause significant damage because when water or snow freezes on your roof when it could split the roof surface as it thaws.

Other Maintenance

Maintenance includes other areas around the flat roof, for example, you will need to cut back overhanging greenery to avoid damage and blockage from fallen leaves, twigs and branches.

Hire a Professional Firm to Clean the Roof

A professional roofing company will ensure your flat roof is maintained properly by removing dirt and debris from the roof, drains and gutters regularly.

Check the Interior

Maintaining a flat roof properly is not just about inspecting the exterior. You should also check the ceiling regularly for any stains that may be caused by water damage. If you do spot water stains, then you need to act quickly to prevent more damage occurring.



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